We are three sisters united in our search for the divine - in food, libation, literature, art, and nature. This blog will capture the true, sometimes decadent, at times humorous, and every so often transcendent adventures of the Salvation Sisters.

The Golden Rules

Left to right: Linda, Michelle and Juliette.

     This site is maintained by the sisters. Please feel free to leave constructive, on topic, feedback in comments. Diverse points of view are welcome, but everyone behave! Please refrain from writing anything that you wouldn't say face-to-face. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Furthermore, rude comments will be removed without notice.
      All photographs on the Salvation Sisters site were taken by the sisters or family members or are royalty-free images unless otherwise noted. The photos taken by Linda, Juliette and Michelle are copyright Salvation Sisters and Flour on the Floor Productions. Please ask before reposting photos, recipes or articles on other sites. A link must be provided back to the recipe or article associated with the photo. We maintain the right to withdraw permission and that a photo of ours be removed from another site, for any reason. Please send a request to salvationsisters [at] gmail [dot] com.
     Salvation Sisters is a registered trademark of Flour on the Floor Productions, wholly owned and operated by the sisters.
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