We are three sisters united in our search for the divine - in food, libation, literature, art, and nature. This blog will capture the true, sometimes decadent, at times humorous, and every so often transcendent adventures of the Salvation Sisters.

About the Sisters

     Linda, the eldest, and mother of identical twins, is a trained herbalist, retail goddess, graphic designer, former professional baker, caterer and private chef. In the early 90's, Linda was introduced to the world of natural foods, organics, supplements, homeopathy and herbal remedies, and her life was forever changed. Linda completed an herbal studies program in Northern California and has substantial knowledge of medicinal plants and natural remedies. Linda lives in Sonoma County where the animals in the pastures are happy and all the good stuff grows.    

     Mother of three, grandmother of two, Juliette, a prima pizzaiolo, lives in Bisbee, Arizona (also fondly referred to as Tiny Town.) Juliette is an artisanal bread baker and owner of Guadalupe Baking Company, former slinger of swill, visual artist, and hunter of vintage clothes. For five interesting years, before she was outnumbered by her children, Juliette supported herself and her son from sales of her artwork. It wasn't always an easy existence, but by far a soul satisfying way to make a living. Two mastiffs, three Siamese mix cats, and a hundred year old bungalow complete the chaos.

     Working in the hi-tech industry selling both hardware and software, the youngest sister, Michelle has crisscrossed the country visiting clients and working tradeshows. In the 90's, she lived and worked in Silicon Valley during the tech boom and spent significant time in San Francisco and the wine country. In 2001, she relocated to Tucson with her husband and daughter. Michelle divides her time between the desert and Sonoma County and travels extensively for business. On weekends, Michelle keeps busy by writing and documenting her cooking and baking pursuits in the kitchen.
     Together, the sisters enjoy writing, collaborating on a true-life novel, and working on a cookbook that includes their favorite recipes. All three are on a united quest to make the perfect pizza and pair it with the ideal liquid refreshment.
     The sisters invite you to join in on the adventure. We hope you enjoy your time with us and feel like a member of the family. Let us all have more fun!
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