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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Life-Enhancing Mineral-Rich Green Juice

Siri... can you make me a green juice?
If only.

"A healthy outside starts from the inside." —Robert Urich

Around this time of year I begin juicing and then inevitably stop when autumn starts to slip into winter. I just can't maintain the enthusiasm to juice through the cold months, but when the sun starts to rise early, and the birds begin chirping before dawn, my yearning for green juice returns once more.
   "Mmmmmm, fresh mowed grass," my husband says as a repetitive quip when I hand him a glass of freshly juiced greens. Jay's sarcasm is not entirely unwarranted. Green juice does indeed taste like summer in a glass. For Jay, drinking green juice is a bit like taking a dose of medicine. Being a former Marine, Jay doesn't need to enjoy the green juice to consume it. He just drinks it like a man. #truegrit
   I don't mind the flavor of this slightly spicy tasting green juice. Some over-the-counter green juices are actually high in sugar. To avoid spiking insulin levels I opt to eliminate sweet fruit from the ingredients mix. No apples for moi. If you must add a sweet fruit or vegetable, keep the addition to one serving. Full disclosure, I usually add a small to medium sized carrot.

These are all the veggies that go into a 16-ounce serving. 
My obstacle to juicing is not the flavor, but is related to actually doing the work to make the juice. When I'm organized it takes about twenty minutes to produce 32 ounces, which for us is two servings but for others this amount could comfortably serve a family of four. When I'm not organized it takes about 30 minutes from start to finish and another 5 minutes to clean the juicer's parts.
   A heavy duty Champion masticating juicer has a permanent home on my kitchen counter, whether I juice regularly or not. The appliance weighs 23 pounds so lugging it around to store it between uses doesn't make sense for me. The beast of an appliance stands as a steadfast reminder of what I should be doing when I'm not. Similarly the weight bench in the garage is a constant visual prompt that I should be exercising when I'm not. I always get back around to using both but staying with a routine is clearly a challenge for me.
   The masticating juicer produces more nutritious juice because it does a better job of breaking down the fiber of the vegetables. The Champion both cuts and grinds. The juice produced by a masticating juicer has a longer shelf life of up to 48 hours because the Champion does not build up heat while it does its job. With that being said, I tend not to store the juice. My goal is to consume it within 30 minutes of making it. And, I don't simply drink my juice, I chew it, and swoosh it around in my mouth because many of the enzymes present in the juice are activated by saliva. To learn more, check out this Tedx Talk, Chew Your Juice.

All set-up and ready to juice. 
Finally, you'll want to drink green juice on an empty stomach for maximum benefit and easy digestion (code for not blowing a bunch of gas). I prefer mine as a first meal of the day after enjoying my morning coffee. I add collagen protein and a little half and half to my coffee, which sustains me for awhile. If that doesn't quite work for you and your schedule, the next best thing is waiting a minimum of two hours after a meal to drink a glass of green juice. I find the juice filling but if that's not the case for you, drink your juice then wait twenty minutes before eating whatever's next on the daily menu.

I'm just dropping this image here 'cause the butterfly is pretty and it matches the color theme.
Life-Enhancing Mineral-Rich Green Juice

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