We are three sisters united in our search for the divine - in food, libation, literature, art, and nature. This blog will capture the true, sometimes decadent, at times humorous, and every so often transcendent adventures of the Salvation Sisters.

About Our Name and Logo

Juliette, Michelle and Linda at Jack London Park State Historic Park in Sonoma County, California.

     The root of the word salvation is salvage, meaning to save, rescue or reclaim. For a brief time in the late 90's, Linda moved to Bisbee. Linda joined Juliette's established vintage clothes and unique "finds" business. They would comb through thrift stores and estate sales rescuing treasures, and in some cases repairing, or mending where needed, giving the items an opportunity for a new life. The name of the business was Salvation Sisters (for which Linda created the logo found on our home page) and over time we began referring to ourselves as The Salvation Sisters.
     We sisters pull together in the difficult times, commiserate during the mundane and enthusiastically celebrate our successes, rescuing and revitalizing each other as needed. We laugh. We cry. We share. We are each other's benevolent critic and ardent supporter. We continue to be a blessing in each other's lives and will always be each other's Salvation Sisters.
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